Arcep: the fiber does not pass the second

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ARCEP delivered yesterday its latest quarterly survey on the Internet in France. If the number of subscriptions continues to grow (+ 6% year on year) and now reaches 23.6 million high-speed broadband will not really take off.

First victim: the optical fiber to subscribers (FTTH) technology with the further time now - in any discourse at least. The increase in subscriptions to the fiber seems certainly interesting, with 60% growth year on year but volumes are such that one can clearly not talking about boom.

+25 000 subscriptions in the last quarter

Arcep: the fiber does not pass the second
Thus, there were only 25,000 new subscribers to the fiber in the last quarter, reaching 270,000 in total. It is finally still fairly among the million and a half subscribers to high speed.

The reason seems to appear relatively clear in the second study by Arcep , on wholesale markets. If ARCEP notes a steady increase in horizontal fiber deployments, but still relatively small number of eligible households.

8.83 million homes are eligible and to high speed (over 30 Mbps), but these, only 2.04 million are eligible for fiber to the home (FTTH). The increase is real: + 16.4% in the quarter and + 51% in one year.

But these growth figures mask great disparities, especially between the settlements. We find for example that 363,000 eligible housing outside very dense areas, and 328 000 who are through public initiative networks, reports Arcep.