Audience: Google+ reach 400 million members in late 2012

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According to Paul Allen, founder of the website and unofficial statistician of the hearing of Google+, the social network has passed the threshold of 62 million members since 27 December. The growth accelerated during this month alone accounts for a quarter of new users.

Strong growth in December

According to Allen, Google+ recorded 625,000 new members every day and predicts that this growth will accelerate under the influence of word of mouth, the integration of the service into new Google products and 700,000 Android devices activated daily. Based on these estimates, it is estimated that Google+ will reach 400 million members in late 2012.

However, some observers cited by TechCrunch notes that these figures are based on new entrants and not on the number of active users through which one could get a clearer idea of ​​the real success of Google+. (Eureka Press)