BNP Paribas launches its mobile banking Bank Hello!

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Another newcomer to the cluttered world of online banking. BNP Paribas announced Thursday the launch of Hello Bank! in several European countries, a digital bank, but who intends to stand out through its mobile and social approach.

The famous hotel is working on the issue for several months based on the observation that "the banking industry is entering a new era where more and more customers want to enjoy all the benefits of new technologies." Indeed ...

Hello Bank! is presented as a "new approach to the bank" aimed primarily active mobile users. "Our applications are designed to deliver a customer experience at the level of the best players in the digital smart bank with simple, humane and safe." explains Virginie Fauvel, Director Digital Europe Bank.

Model low cost?

The service is therefore in the form of Android and iOS applications for smartphones and tablets but also through the Web. Access is simple as BNP Paribas promises "registration four-step process that enables each customer to become as easily as if he bought a train ticket on the smartphone." Without checking the identity of the holder?

The service allows you to "manage its budget, categorize expenses or transfer money in three movements". Moreover, "everyone can benefit from cheaper rates a pure player (means of payment and free maps, beneficial savings products all year), offers a la carte and also the support of experts online ".

The bank's intention is to provide added value with a team available on hourly expanded 6 days out of 7, can advise on practical topics related to their account or complex. The approach to social wants as these advisers will be accessible by chat, email, Twitter and phone.

Hello Bank! seems to take the recipes low cost mobile operator with a 100% online and social approach. The question is whether the proposed rates will also be low cost, including fees, charges overdraft etc ...

This new mobile banking is being launched today in Belgium and Germany, and then on June 17 in France. 80 euros will be available to anyone with an account booked from May 16 to June 16 and that opens an account from June 17