Deep sleep deficiency makes forgetful

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Deep sleep deficiency makes forgetful

Sleep as a cause of memory problems in old age

The waning memory of older people is probably due to the declining wave sleep duration aged. Studies show that new learning less well bonded in the elderly during sleep than younger. Simultaneously with them the length of the deep sleep phase is significantly shortened.

Deep sleep deficiency makes forgetful

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Sleep helps that knowledge solidified long term. Open was far but how far this individual sleep phases play a role in different periods of life. "The sleep architecture, ie the distribution of sleep stages, varies considerably across the lifespan," says Professor Jutta Backhaus from the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein. "Above all, the deep sleep fraction increases with increasing age from strong." Young adults between 16 and 25 years spend 19 percent of their sleep time in deep sleep. 36-50 years of age, this percentage drops to three percent.

First half of the night decisively

That so diminishes the memory, Backhaus and coworkers showed in a study: They brought their subjects pairs of words in and sent them then to bed. Before sleeping, their learning and memory performance did not differ. After a three and a half hour sleep period, however, did younger subjects - Between 18 and 25 years - significantly more word pairs than the 48- to 55-year-old study participants.

However, the scientists found the differences between the different age groups only if the sofa was held in the first half of the night; then, the deep sleep proportion is particularly high. "The young adults spent in the first half of the night more than an hour in deep sleep, the elderly, however, 18 minutes," explains Jutta Backhaus.

Similar relationships, the scientists found even in people with persistent insomnia: These were compared with good sleepers same age difficulties to consolidate what they have learned in their sleep. And even with these people the deep sleep period is especially shortened.

About these relationships of deep sleep duration and memory Backhaus is on the 80.Jahreskongress the German Neurological Society (DGN) report of 15 September 2007. will take place from 12th in Berlin.

(Association of the Scientific Medical Societies in Germany, 31.08.2007 - NPO)


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