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Nowadays, one sees in the train almost exclusively of hair or hat of passengers, because almost everyone is engrossed in his phone. With one of these modern smartphones one can also do wonderful things: browse news, check e-mail, of course, phone calls, or let his pushups count by nudges at each downward movement with the nose at the display ...

Or you can "Nuts" play. Here you take on the role of an enthusiastic squirrel that for reasons that would take too much space here, chasing a high tree to collect things from a picnic basket. Higher and higher it is (my personal record is at 1073 meters), although that would probably exceed the biological capabilities of squirrels and tree in reality long ago. Very entertaining, because you earned points by collecting nuts and feet makes. However, you should not run against the branches you.

But there are also, at first glance appears meaningful apps, so the small programs that you can install on your phone. These apps help trees, flowers or birds can be seen. This goes so far that the user can the bird's voice, which he is currently listening to record, and his phone tells him who warbles as so beautiful. Not to mention should be that there are of course long since birds that mimic the Handygebimmel ...

Where you had previously kilo haul identification literature in the bush, if you are not versed, today extends a device about the size of half a bar of chocolate. The other conditions have improved: Of course there are always new and beautiful books on the species, their habitats and preferences. Thousands of sites on the Internet to any kind of spit almost anything. Wildlife documentaries penetrate ever deeper into the most private of birds or foxes. And thanks to digital zoom and endless data storage is Naturfotografie more people open. We never knew nature better. Never be the nature lover offered more opportunities than today information technology. Even those animals such as mosquito detention or Cave Troll will no longer only reserved for a professional audience today.

But one take hold even the greatest and most original apps websites from a not: to go out yourself. The smell of grass, or the texture of tree bark can be difficult to put into words. Or pass on the image. How smells green? May feel warm wrinkled? Experience nature can not do without nature. Thank God.

And while we're at with God: The responsibility for creation, ie the totality of all living and non-living on earth could be something for the atheists but also, right?

Life just has different rules than Nuts. If the squirrel has once again triggered the skull and crashes with a painful "Aargh" from the tree, you press "Play" and it sprints off again. In reality, a more definitive meaning to be dead as a "game over". So phone into his pocket and real squirrels nuts chase movies!

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Squirrels © fotomaster - Fotolia