Door Bluestacks Android applications on Windows

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Find applications Android Favorite on their Windows PC, this is offered Bluestacks . This start-up founded in 2008 is about to launch a virtualization software through which users can run most of their Android applications from Windows, without manipulation.

Bluestacks use of Android applications distributed via the Amazon Appstore for Android Market Google accepts only ARM devices. This is also why software is based on a customized version of the open source end Android project.

And the touch?

The applications developed natively for ARM processors are currently not compatible with Bluestacks. But this will happen by the end of the year promises startups.

What about the applications reserved for touch interfaces? Touchpads current laptops support multipoint gestures meets Bluestacks, adding that within two years all these PCs will have touch screens.

The next step is to allow the reverse process ie to run Windows applications on Android.

A beta version of Bluestacks is available in June or July before the release of the commercial edition scheduled in Q4. (Eureka Press)