Earthquake Nepal, the cooperating Italian: "I fear that my daughters can get sick"

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The girls are taking a positive experience of living in a tent, but exposure to the elements, which increases the risk of diseases, worries cooperating because hospitals are collapsing and doctors overworked

"We feel good and we are together. We have no electricity and running water and are sleeping in a tent in the garden of our house, and that 'battered but standing ". Tries to hide a bit 'of concern Marco Cavalcante, the young Cosentino working in Nepal and is experiencing, along with his family, moments of fear after the strong earthquake that has claimed more than six thousand dead, among them four Italian. The cooperating UN, in recent days, had issued any statement to the media. Today on his Facebook profile takes stock of the situation, also trying to reassure family and friends who live in Cosenza. Immediately after the event, he slept in the office in Kathmandu, while his wife and his two daughters aged 4 and 2 years, were locked in their home in Pokhara and stayed in tents. "The girls - adds the young - are taking all this very well, sleep with mom and dad 'together in a tent and' an exciting thing for them.

Earthquake Nepal, the cooperating Italian: "I fear that my daughters can get sick"

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Our fear and 'if you were to fall ill, since hospitals are collapsing and overworked doctors. On the labor front, after the difficulties' yesterday due to heavy rain, today we made the first food distributions, with trucks and helicopters. A good result mainly due to the heroic Nepalese colleagues that despite everything they've been through, have left families literally the street and set off for the remote mountain districts, where earthquake damage are tremendous. Thank you all again for your affection. Many people ask me what you can 'do to help, I send back the link to help us help these extraordinary people: ".