Earthquakes in Nicaragua, alert for fear of a strong quake in Managua as that of 1972

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Earthquakes in Nicaragua, alert for fear of a strong quake in Managua as that of 1972

Nicaragua lives days of apprehension after the earthquake of magnitude 6.2 that affected him last Thursday. Yesterday afternoon, on state television, President Ortega's wife, Rosario Murillo, appeared to announce that the government is on alert after the registration of an earthquake of magnitude 2.2 near the center of the capital Managua. The fear is that it could have reactivated the fault that generated the great earthquake of 1972, which devastated the city (the state capital), leaving about 10,000 dead and 20,000 injured.

The Murillo said he did not want to start a panic, but said he wants to advise the public of the risks, so take precautions.

After the earthquake last Thursday, which caused one dead and 33 seriously injured, as well as property damage to thousands of homes, were recorded over a thousand minor shock (apart from a magnitude 6.6 in the south of the country, but has not caused major damage). The situation seemed to stabilize at the weekend, until the Murillo did not intervene to announce this serious concern of the authorities. According to experts the fault riattivatasi did not move for 41 years, and the concern is that the elastic energy accumulated in all this time can now free themselves suddenly with a new destructive earthquake.

For now, the recommended precaution was to sleep outdoors, but as always in these cases repeats the problem: it is impossible to predict when the shock. And you can not ask the people to sleep outdoors for weeks waiting for an event that no one knows when it will happen.

The earthquake of 1972 occurred on December 23, and had a magnitude 6.2. The damage was considerable and thousands dead, also because of the construction methods of housing, not suitable to withstand such a shock.