Edvige replaces Brice Hortefeux by two new police databases

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In 2008, the Interior Ministry had tried unsuccessfully to push through the establishment of a new font file called Edvige (documentary exploitation and valorisation of the General Information).

The project, which provided for the filing of sexual preferences and minors, was finally removed and buried. Well, almost. Since Brice Hortefeux, the interior minister, has just approved by decree the creation of two new databases for police forces.

Two new files in response to a news event

On the controversial issue of police files, the government has chosen the path of decree rather than a text considered by MPs. The decision-apparently following incidents on October 10 in Poitiers.

France Info then evoked reflections Hortefeux around the creation of two files of information. If the Edvige outcry seems to have been taken into account, certain points remain subject to controversy.

While sexual orientations will not be mentioned in the two databases, minors can be integrated there, from 13 years for the first (listing "bands, small groups and hooligans") and 16 years for the second (associated with "administrative inquiries related to public safety").

Violations of fundamental freedoms according to LDH

According to statements from the Ministry of Interior, these two files "received the green light from the Commission Nationale Informatique and Freedoms (CNIL), the approval of the State Council, and all that was problematic in Edvige has been removed ".

This is clearly not the view of the League of Human Rights denouncing the recurrence of the government. "Basically, these two decrees, even if they face some setbacks reflected the mobilization of 2008 (waiver of the filing away of sexual life and the mixing of objectives in the same file), are tainted with the same violations of fundamental freedoms their predecessors. "

"They go even further in breach of freedom and equality by providing for the filing away of" geographical origin "of suspicious people in the eyes of the police: everyone understands that that indefinable notion, which refers neither to nationality or at home, is causing 'ethnic' what are the Auvergne ascent in the ministerial vocabulary, and enables file details facies "says LDH in a statement .