Encryption: NSA prefers access to the front door to a backdoor

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Encryption: NSA prefers access to the front door to a backdoor

The increasing use of encryption seriously bothers intelligence agencies, not just American. Why? Because according to them it will make life easier for criminals and terrorists.

A compromise between privacy and national security is it possible? For the NSA, yes, and this requires a data access. And the boss of the agency seems willing to give up his solution of a backdoor, backdoor, which would bypass the encryption.

Good locks and it will go

But giving up a backdoor does not mean, however, draw a line access to data. In a speech at Princeton University, the director of the NSA, Michael S. Rogers proposed an alternative:

"I do not want a rear range. I want a front door. And I want the input range has multiple locks. Wholesale locks "he said as the Washington Post reported . And locks, Rogers' includes cutting the key pieces distributed to several different parties.

Thus data access would impose a prior conciliation between the various parties holding the key fractions. The head of the NSA has however not clear how such a device could be implemented without introducing at the same time a vulnerability in encryption systems, usable by others. The other states they accept without complaint and ask equivalent rights to technological actors? Silence again.