Europe: the iPhone is losing market share in France and Germany

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If iPhone sales worldwide have never been so huge, the situation is more mixed in Europe. According to a study by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech quoted by Reuters, the firm at the apple appears negative growth in the French and German markets smartphone.

Over the period September to November 2011, the share of iPhone market in France rose to 20% against 29% a year earlier at the same time. Also down in Germany or the Apple smartphone holds 22% market share against 27% a year.

Economic slowdown and Android competition as factors

Similar decreases were seen in Italy and Spain said Reuters, citing the economic crisis and a more aggressive price positioning of competing brands to explain the slowdown in iPhone sales. In Germany for example, Android holds 61% market share and the Galaxy SII is a bestseller .

However, Kantar Worldpanel ComTech does not explain what differentiates the four mentioned markets of England where the iPhone has seen its market share rise from 21.4% to 30.9%.

Strong growth also overseas where the market share has reached 36% against 25% a year earlier. Therefore difficult to draw a conclusion regarding France and Germany without more refined indicators. One thing is certain, Apple does not really need to worry for the iPhone.

According to the latest forecasts of Susquehanna analyst quoted by All Things Digital, it may take 30.3 million iPhones during the fourth quarter and ending 111.4 million over the full fiscal year 2012. (Eureka Press)

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