Fleur Pellerin officially launches the French Tech

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Fleur Pellerin sent greetings yesterday to the "French Tech" at Bercy. For the occasion, the Minister for the Digital Economy presented the outlines of this initiative and unveiled the logo and the dedicated website.

Fleur Pellerin officially launches the French Tech

In late November 2013, Fleur Pellerin present the initiative "The French Tech." The goal is to "build a collective mobilization movement for Growth and the international influence of French startups digital" by actively supporting the French ecosystem of digital startups. The idea is to make France a "startup nation" to bring out the next Google.

Yesterday evening, the Minister presented these wishes to the players in the French Tech, by restating the main points of this initiative: labeling cities, accelerating growth of startups and new identity.

Fleur Pellerin officially launches the French Tech

The French Tech, it is primarily a labeling program for territories. In this he replaces the Digital District. This label will be awarded to cities that develop an ecosystem of dynamic and ambitious startups. The cities of Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Montpellier, Grenoble, Nancy are already candidates. Metropolises labeled "French Tech" will have access to services and resources to support the growth of local companies and international visibility layout. Fleur Pellerin announced availability of the specifications for the granting of the label "Métropole French Tech" , and nominations are open permanently and without deadline. There is no numerus clauses, but the government plans a dozen labels. The first labels should be granted at the end of the first half of 2014.

The French Tech is also a project acceleration program carried by private actors. It is a program in the form of co-investments in all actions towards the project or growth of the startup, regardless of maturity. An overall budget of € 200 million is dedicated to this acceleration program. Calls for expressions of interest are open.

A budget of 15 million euros is planned to support marketing campaigns to increase the visibility of the French Tech outside our borders.

A cock to sweep the pigeons

Fleur Pellerin would like the French Tech becomes a common identity to the actors of French digital, easily identifiable internationally. The minister then unveiled the logo of the French Tech, a pink origami rooster.

Fleur Pellerin officially launches the French Tech

Not easy to be unanimous, but it takes a little off cock still good adhesion. Decals are distributed in assistance and can already embed the logo of the French Tech on his photos through the Android application Ome .

Fleur Pellerin officially launches the French Tech

Finally the minister announces the launch of the web platform dedicated to the French Tech: www.lafrenchtech.com . Developed by INRIA and Netvibes, the site stands as a portal aggregating articles (news, tips, events ..), a wire news and a social network to share projects and knowledge. Including the pages explaining one will find in detail the various components of the French Tech Initiative: the concept of French Tech , labeling metropolises , the acceleration program for startups ...

Fleur Pellerin officially launches the French Tech

If you can rent the initiative for its content, it may be a little disappointed with the design and ergonomics are a bit dated. The site is not responsive, browsing on a smartphone is a little painful. Hopefully these problems are solved quickly, taunting began to circulate among web professionals. The risk is mainly that digital players end up sulking the site, which would be a shame for a platform to promote French excellence in digital.

Fleur Pellerin concluded his speech by his wishes to the French Tech: this is the one to see be a great federation of French digital players. "Together we will really place France on the map of agile and innovative nations in supporting the growth and expansion of our startups. Long live the Startup Republic, long live the French Tech, vive la France!" she concludes.

The French Tech exists, I met

Although the bulk of the aid will go to large structures already well advanced in their development (dynamic metropolis), it remains valuable aids for innovative projects. We feel the government in a desire to understand the digital ecosystem and boost it with the limited means at its disposal. The "French touch" in new technology has not waited for the Foreign Minister to become known beyond our borders, but it is true that the perception of France is still biased in many areas.

The French Tech has the advantage of wearing an easily recognizable identity and actors of French digital it is immediately found. Witness the success of the #FrenchTech Galette , the cake of the kings of French tech scene, which was organized spontaneously within a few days through social networks, throughout France and beyond, and which gathered about 400 participants NUMA Paris! The #FrenchTech does exist outside the government and its program, as explained Duc Duong Ha . She is proud to be technological. She is proud to be French.


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