IBM Watson wants to make a sales assistant in the fashion and clothing

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IBM seeks to commercialize its Watson program in other areas as health and medicine, such as sales and call centers. In the clothing sector, the system uses pulsed data in social networks, the advice of friends, moods and held previous choices to help people to choose what to wear, according to Keith Mercier, "global retail transformation leader "for Watson.

In July, IBM and Apple signed an important agreement in alliance for professional applications for several sectors: sales stores, medical care, banking, travel, transportation, telecommunications and insurance.

Presentation at Australian Fashion Week

Keith Mercier was this week at Fashion Week Spring (Australian) in Melbourne. There intervened yesterday to encourage retailers to start watching how mobile applications could use Watson to assist customers in choosing clothes.

The fashion show is about to start #MSFW

- Keith Mercier (keithmercier) September 2, 2014

IBM released a study in early August, according to which customers in Australia now expect to be dealing with traders both online and in stores, and they should be able to transmit their interactions with customers to shopping online , and vice versa.

Keith Mercier told ZDNet that an ideal application to use for sellers allow a client to tell Watson in what state of mind he is, and Watson could choose a dress with that information, plus other data from social networks and other sources.

"If you know where consumers find data today, when it comes to making purchases, it comes to the weather, the inspiration of the company, it may be what is in my will cupboard, it could be my purchasing history. " Watson can be used to combine various technologies, and have a dialogue around the data, said Keith Mercier.