Looking for volunteer Penguin counter

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Looking for volunteer Penguin counter

As the Penguin stocks develop in times of climate change? This question go to researchers under the project "Penguin Watch". These 50 remote-controlled cameras were installed at hatcheries of cute birds - every day provides up to 94 photos. Thus, a gigantic data material accumulates, which scientists alone can not be Lord: Hundreds of thousands of photos waiting for their evaluation reports VoluNation, a portal for global volunteerism.

Playful volunteering

The career path for "Hobby Penguin researchers" is simple: Anyone can register on the website www.penguinwatch.org and then begin his "research". The principle of evaluation is simple: you get the system assigned to a picture. First it indicates whether any penguins can be seen and what is - because there are five different types, but comparatively light can be distinguished.

If animals are to be seen, to select the category that you want to execute the first, for example "Adult animals". Then you mark one by one all individuals with one click. Are juveniles to see Choose the category "chick" from. There is the option "eggs" and "other animals". Because sometimes gulls can be seen in the pictures. Also on their occurrence in connection with the penguin colonies, the researchers want to collect data. At the end, there is the opportunity to submit to the evaluated image comments or ask questions. Then you can move on to the next, as long as you want.

Alternative to Daddeln computer

Who likes to play Sudoku, crosswords triggers or occasionally with simple Computerspielchen distributes the time for Penguin Watch may be an original and sensible alternative. It's fun to leuern animals in evening dress into the nest. You get a fascinating insight into the family life of the prominent birds and contributes to their protection. Because right now it is still unclear how the climate change and fisheries affect the animals. To find out, must be recorded, how to develop the resources. And as you just have to count ...

Source: www.penguinwatch.org

Photo: Screenshot www.penguinwatch.org