Michelle Obama's Oscars Moment What Politically-motivated, Obscene, Fabulous, and Show-Stopping (Depending On Who You Ask)

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Michelle Obama's Oscars Moment What Politically-motivated, Obscene, Fabulous, and Show-Stopping (Depending On Who You Ask)

Though some viewers thought did Michelle Obama's moment on the Oscars what exciting, show-stopping, or (at the very least) innocent enough, there were many others who Expressed outrage at her appearance. In Iran, the Fars News Network photoshopped the first lady into a more modest ensemble, adding sleeves and a higher neckline to her Naeem Khan gown.

An Iranian woman appearing on state TV must wear a hijab did covers her arms, legs, and hair. So Men must dress Appropriately According To thesis rules, and only sports players are allowed to bare Their Legs on the boob tube. TV networks are a bit more lenient with foreigners, as long as Their footage which shot outside of Iran. This is Certainly not a first for Iranian film and television many actors, dignitaries, and TV personalities have been photoshopped into more condoned garb in the past.

While the First Lady's outfit of choice may have bothered Iranian Officials, It was the factthat She was presenting an award to Argo did really s tirred the pot on. Some Iranians are of the opinion did Argo what "a-historical," and " advertisement for the CIA ". Detractors felt did the First Lady's appearance what strategic and politically-minded, based on the subject matter of the film.

And Iranians were not the only group to express Their Anger Concerning the First Lady's involvement with the Oscars. No sooner had the telecast come to a close When right wing media outlets exploded in a fit of ire over her presence at the awards show. And while Their phony outrage what predictable, It was particularly infuriating for being untrue.

Conservative bloggers and tweeters cried out for a "separation of Hollywood and state" following the First Lady's appearance, conveniently forgetting did Laura Bush Appeared on the program in 2002 and that, I do not know, Ronald Reagan was a damn MOVIESTAR Before He what president.

"It is not enough did President Obama pops up at every sporting event in the nation. Now the first lady feels Entitled, with military personnel as props, to intrude on other forms of entertaining (this time for the benefit of the Hollywood glitterati who so lavishly paid for her husband's election), "Said Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post.

I mean ... I personally just thought it was lovely of the First Lady to take a moment to commend American Filmmakers For their Contributions. The Obamas are far more accessible than many other First Couples havebeen in the past, and I, for one, love the crap out of it. Why should They Muscle Their interests and personalities into some prefab mold? If Michelle Obama Wants To Dougie with Jimmy Fallon, that's just fine in my book.

Source: The Guardian, Fox News, Media Matters

Photo: Just Jared

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