Mobile Internet: Google Free Zone launched in the Philippines

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For Reuters , Google wants to reach "the next billion." Way of saying that the Internet is installed in the most economically advanced countries, but that there still opportunities in developing countries.

Yesterday he launched an experiment in the Philippines: offer, with a local operator (Globe Telecom), access to phones with limited connectivity to access basic services from Google, such as research, email and Google+.

Attract consumers to the advertising market

Where Google is strong is his offer, every generous that it seems at first glance, is a pretty commercial operation. First because if access to those served, and websites from the Google results, is free, any attempt to go elsewhere on the web will not end an invitation to subscribe to a subscription at Globe Telecom.

Then because Google wants to provide access to this "next billion" to its products ... and advertising market. Even for Globe Telecom, the operation can be useful if the Filipinos actually shine to online services.

Globe and Google are not the only country to offer Internet access on more basic phones than smartphones. If the walking operation, Google plans to expand the service to other countries.