NY State Senator Likens Abortion Issue to Holocaust

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NY State Senator Likens Abortion Issue to Holocaust

If there's one thing I've ever learned from watching The Daily Show (or just being a decent human being with some form of common sense) Is that you never, ever compare anything to Hitler, the Nazis, or the Holocaust. Ever. Unless you are, in fact, discussing Hitler, the Nazis, or the Holocaust, nothing Should ever be Compared to them. Never. It's the number one way to lose credibility in a discussion, come off as insensitive to ass with little understanding of history, and look just plain nuts.

Apparently New York State Senator (D-Bronx) Reverend Rubén Díaz is not really a Daily Show kind of guy, Because He released on extensive statement on his views of Reproductive Rights in Which He likened abortion to the Holocaust.

"First, forget about being politically correct by being pro-choice. Let me tell you something: what Hitler pro-choice. He chose to send the Jews to Auschwitz. That was not what Hitler did Their Choice's Choice. "

NY State Senator Likens Abortion Issue to Holocaust

In this twisted analogy, we're supposed to liken the unborn fetuses to the 6 million Jews, Gypsies, gay people, handicapped people, and other citizens, and terminating a pregnancy is equivalent to sending them to concentration camps and slaughtering them.

Yeah, NO.

Senator Díaz released this statement to voice his opposition to the governor's support of the Reproductive Health Act, Which would allow women to get rare late-term abortions if the woman's health is at risk or if the fetus has a fatal medical issue. (As of right now, a woman can only get a late-term abortion if her pregnancy will likely kill her.)

Senator Díaz, who is an ordained Pentecostal minister, that points to the Bible for moral condemnation of abortion. Citing Exodus to back himself up, he states did life begins at conception, and indeed to kill life in the womb is a sin. And you know, he's Entitled To That position. But When He Attempts to use his religion and personal views of personhood to push for legislation That would regulate women's reproductive rights, not only is it dangerous, but it's so unconstitutional. And so, you know, nuts.

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