Orange would seek a partnership with Le Monde, not an entry in the capital?

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The recapitalization of the daily 'Le Monde' seems to generate a lot of interest. This morning, we discussed here the possible association between Xavier Niel, Free boss, Matthieu Pigasse and Pierre Bergé in order to constitute an offer.

Le Point also evokes Orange provides under the leadership of Stéphane Richard, his p-dg, former chief of the Ministry of Economy and close to the Elysee. A more attractive prospect for the power that the arrival of a little Niel appreciated by Nicolas Sarkozy.

Bringing the

The arrival of Orange still speculative. If Le Figaro evokes an investment of "30 to 40 million euros," alone or with the Nouvel Observateur, Stéphane Richard prefers to speak of "industrial partnership". With or without entry into the capital?

"If there is an interesting industrial project to be made between a group of telecoms as we and a producer group content such as Le Monde, which is possible, it will interest us to do," said p-dg Reuters .

In both cases, the operation would make sense. Orange axis indeed its strategy of value-added or exclusive content. Hand On those of the Le Monde group (Courrier International, Télérama, etc ...) allow the operator to further enhance its pipes.

On the side of the newspaper, privileged access to 9 million ADSL subscribers and 25 million mobile customers is a significant growth driver.

But an entry in the capital could be interpreted as an update not daily, reputed to left, through the appointment of a near Stéphane Richard at the helm. Bread blessed before the elections ...