Sample DECT-phone Siemens Gigaset 4015 Micro

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"... I took Princess microscope
And amazement asked ... "

The amazing thing: our country, running - in the sense of enjoyment of the benefits of technological progress - usually ahead of Europe and America itself (of course, not the scale - at the average wage of Russians - but we are always steeper verhushechke other!), In the sense of DECT phones -standard lagging somehow closer to the tail. Or I think so, because I did a dozen years enjoyed one of the first appeared in the sale of our radio Panasonic mikrokassetke on an answering machine - and let well sought. However, the familiar and rare, coming to visit, I found something DECT'ovskoe. In short, when the passionate TV prodyusersha calling me to channel, so angry with the conversation that Hrjapa handset on the machine, he broke down the loop, through which he was attached to the wall, I decided it was time to change it came - the more, I was coming the day of one's birth.

Small thoughts jump to the side, on the side (though quite banal) track: technologies evolve so rapidly that, wanting to leap at the forefront of progress, we have to come up with what to do with yesterday's thing that worked perfectly and will last another ten years, sometimes quite meet the urgent needs: whether to sell, blushing, for a pittance friend (under the current competitive success calculations on the counter komissionki close to zero, and komissionki seems to have disappeared), you come up with, someone to give, so much so that not offended that you give a used item ... That is, the money for the pleasure of sitting on the edge you're willing to spend, but the feeling that somewhere under the table will lie idle a workable thing - hard to endure. Anyway - I.

But it found a clue: a broken loop (variable shurupchik, I hung up the phone on the broken quite reliably). And people who could give Panasonic so that a gift has caused no irritation, and gratitude - and I began to study marketing.

Sample DECT-phone Siemens Gigaset 4015 Micro

DECT'ovskie phones presented in our market, and dozens of companies - respectively - about three dozen models. Seeing that one of the firms - «Siemens», the mobile phone from which a number of reasons I opted for this and is very pleased - I first began to consider it simensovsky range of Gigaset, and to find the model Micro, almost like two drops of water similar Cell S-35 (and very little different from my ME-45 described several "Kozlonkami" above) and in version 4015 and having a digital answering machine (a necessary condition for me) in this study and stopped. The next day ordered the phone online, paid (decent, though the money - about $ 300 - but I'm like the coolest! - Otherwise you can continue to live and with an old Panasonic), brought home, plugged. And I began to understand the instructions and enjoy the features and lotions.

Sample DECT-phone Siemens Gigaset 4015 Micro

Base with answering machine.

If I'm right, and our people really like is not very much in DECT'om, it is appropriate to say a few words about this educational standard. He introduced and adopted more than ten years ago (ie, there was when I acquired, as it turns out, was already obsolete Panasonic), it stands as: «DIGITAL ENHANCED CORDLESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS» or, in Russian, "an advanced digital wireless communication." Something like mobile - only on different frequencies and with a range of up to a mile (in open spaces, indoors with their concrete partitions radius decreases, and sometimes up to fifty meters, which, however, completely covers my small apartment, including the landing; some of my friends walk to the DECT-tube in his pocket with a dog, and then go to the nearest store). The role played by the center of a small cellular base station box. For a single base station can be connected (in the case of my Siemens) to six handsets, each of which will have its own number, so that you can make calls from one handset to another, you can switch to any outside call, you can finally call the city on too any typing its number as the extension. Such an exchange of micro-turns. Another thing is that in my bedroom, even the second tube would be overkill, but in a two hundred meter length of one of my St. Petersburg friend, and the six-barely enough. In addition, the tubes can be used as walkie-talkies, without any base station: go to the forest for mushrooms and talking. More to the same: there is a special base stations that little can be switched between them - are able to transmit the conversation short when the speaker crosses the zone of its action: in a completely mobile. Such opportunities are very good, I suppose, somewhere in a large warehouse or, say, in the service station.

Well, followed by the familiar on the mobile phone gadgets and fun: the phone book in two hundred rooms with the possibility of a voice call (adjusted, if necessary, to vote on as many as four people: of course - a mobile phone usually uses one master, and here, at home, they can be a few - and everyone saying "tail", will receive a set of number), display, menu branched illuminated buttons, loud intercom (very cool to arrange family meetings television: you put the device on the table, the family gathers around and calls the other family) redial, alarm clock, message birthdays listed in the book of those caller ID, voice mail, exchange SMS-functionality, digital voice recorder and various other stuff. A long-time home of the radio and radio telephone - remote control of an answering machine, monitoring the premises, the call on the mobile phone, if raskrichitsya child ... There is even the opportunity to choose from several operators for this particular call, who the call will be cheaper. Of course, and the entrance to a network, and all the talk - is encrypted, so that your overheard a telephone conversation with the landing would be very difficult, and call on you to America through the wall ... The last, of course, most of the field of paranoia, but vo First, we must respect and paranoid, and secondly, someone may cool enough to be wary of the above-described acts of sabotage.

Sample DECT-phone Siemens Gigaset 4015 Micro


Just do not blame me later on misleading: such pleasures as voice mail or SMS exchange must provide the operator, that is your PBX and PBX is a rare Russian today provides: most do not have opportunities, minority does not notice these needs. Not to mention the choice of operators: we still believe that we wildly lucky if we have one.

A special feature is the definition of article number. Determinants of different kind of sophistication that is not the first year - is not the first decade has featured in our market - and always local production as a function of their Caller ID (Caller ID) is based on the basis of completely different signal standards. So you plug number identification, are not included - nothing will. "Siemens" even in devices adapted for Russia (the adaptation was not superfluous: the Russian menu clearer German or English, and, most importantly, Russian lines ... not adapted to some Moscow exchanges simply refused to work!), Simply Caler ID function is disabled. Fortunately, not my Micro, - for some reason in Russia "Siemens" has decided not to deliver and therefore not adapted.

Let me explain why "fortunately": ATE my agrees to work with the unadapted and craftsmen from Zelenograd ( produce special boxes that recode our signal to foreign, but it is absolutely necessary that the apparatus itself has the ability to Caller ID, - and that's - my Micro already detects the caller's number (nine out of ten, it is true, but, IMHO, it's not a bad percentage) and puts them in a little list. So, after returning home, I can see who called me. By default, some of the models of boxes zelenogradtsev stitch "phone card of Moscow", so receiving a call, I do not just see the caller's number, but the metro area from which the call is made. Or is there "MTS", "Beeline" ... small, of course - but fun. To tell the truth, did not immediately earned the box, I had to call tech support and a bit of Zelenograd pokoldovat settings.

Incidentally noted, limiting itself to the possibilities available for purchase DECT'ovsky unit and fifty bucks, that is cheaper than the Panasonic itself. Another way: their issues and Panasonic ...

According to the magazine "home computer."