Sample webcam Logitech QuickCam Sphere

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It may seem a little strange to you, but today a webcam was a real working tool. She is no longer the prerogative of the Internet geek who spends 23 hours a day on the network, and the remaining hour is buying Internet card.

Despite the fact that the entry is written with a certain pathos, this is the case. For many people, the Internet is becoming the primary means of communication, and they have to pass the other party more diverse information. If you've ever enjoyed by any messenger, for example, ICQ, you probably noticed that with each version there are more emoticons. It is quite natural, because people want to express their emotions more accurately.

Not long ago I revisited the film "200-year-old man," with Robin Williams in the lead role. At the beginning of the movie home robot falls out of the window and its neural circuits miraculously shifted and he begins to explore the world, interested in others ... almost like a human. However, finding the opportunity to feel and experience, he wished the robot, so he changed the face - facial expressions were not enough standard. Generally speaking, a great movie - I recommend to watch it, but today we are not talking about cinema, and the need to convey his emotions to the interlocutor.

In fact, we are experiencing the same thing as a robot using standard emoticons, if a long time do not see a person, you start to forget how he smiles in fact, he winks and, ultimately, understanding slips away from you, and often , never to return. The webcam gives you the opportunity to watch the entire human facial expressions, to catch his mood. That's why I said that the webcam can become a professional tool: negotiations with partners in the "on-line", you can understand much more than writing him a couple dozen letters.

Of course, if you do not consider the Internet a full field for communication and work, or, perhaps, prefer to remain "incognito", a webcam, you will find pampering, but this is your personal opinion, however, people who prefer to look at his companion, Believe me, a lot.

Sample webcam Logitech QuickCam Sphere


The camera is very similar to a periscope: thin legs, and the "eye", wearing a top. Of course, you can not share my associations, but the camera is certainly looks original. At least, inexperienced man never guess what it is. Foot height ensures that most of the time the camera is on the level of your eyes, or almost level. Other models often attached to a monitor or system unit, to also look at you straight.

It should be noted that this caveat is really very important. Due to the fact that the camera has not too quality optics (This is not a professional camera), which is designed to capture images at a fairly large angle, boundary objects are somewhat distorted. In other words, if you put the camera too high, you will have a huge forehead, and at a low position: an incredible chin.

However, the Sphere can be used as the reception, and without it, depending on where you are going to put the camera. On the website of the manufacturer have a pretty cute video on this topic.

The camera is connected to the usual the USB (specification 2.0 is supported, but 1.1 will be sufficient) and requires no external power supply. It is certainly a plus, because the Sphere has a system of tracking the object and should ideally always be positioned on your face. At the base of the carrier rod is inserted (fitted with mini-USB connector on both sides), which then set the camera itself. Curiously, motility made directly in the upper part, i.e. the rod always remains fixed.

The resolution, which can operate the camera reaches 320x240 when working with video and 1.3 megapixels at a static picture. Of course, to make a good photo using the webcam is virtually impossible, but some historical moments may require urgent snapshot, and then you have to use the built-in function.

Poor quality caused by several problems. First, it automatically adjusts Grace, which is not always adequate, and secondly, the camera has not very high-quality matrix, and color is slightly distorted. The fact that the webcam is still a tool to communicate, to express emotions, not the color tone of your cactus.

But in the Sphere built-in microphone, and if you have the bandwidth, you can make a real two-way video chat.

Sample webcam Logitech QuickCam Sphere


Style - this is certainly good, but the most interesting feature of this camera should be considered as an automatic search of the person «face tracking». Ideally, the camera should always look to you, as they say, "in the mouth", but, in practice, it is not so. So you do not resort to rage in the store, trying to stifle the vendor who sold the "get along", perhaps, is to figure out how what conditions apply this mechanism.

How could such a system work? The camera and laser sensor are available. It picks up reflected laser beam, and based on these data to predict the movement of a person tries or any other nearby parts of the body. What is considered the best reflection, written in the depths of the program, we are only able to judge the realism of Logitech technology in practice.

Unfortunately, we have to admit that the system is far from perfect. In the event that the room has a well-lit object, such as a ceiling, the camera is constantly confused with your face. And not only that it will not follow you - just turn your head in a dark spot. So if you want the camera to work properly, it is necessary that the room was lit more or less evenly. That is, or should be dark everywhere and only your face will remain bright, thanks to the radiation monitor, a room should be lit evenly. Only then Sphere would not seek a poltergeist in the ceiling.

With regard to the effective range, the camera can find you far enough - about two meters wave algorithm works correctly, of course, if the room is lit evenly.

Fortunately, the manufacturer left the ability to manually adjust the camera angle. So you will be able to compensate for the shortcomings of the system of recognition, oriented the camera with the cursor.

What's next?

Let's say you bought a stylish webcam, or maybe not very stylish. Perhaps it would Sphere, but where to start, how to use your device for communication? Record videos and send them by mail? This, of course, is also out, but today there are many IM-clients, are able to work with a webcam. This MSN, and Yahoo, and Windows Messenger. In addition, you can use an old NetMeeting. A photo of a cactus or a beloved dog, really, is to send an e-mail.

Sample webcam Logitech QuickCam Sphere


Sphere - is not a model for beginners. This stylish camera costs about 130-150 US dollars, and will be beneficial to look at almost any table. Motor skills, in general, is poor, however, under certain conditions, you will be able to get the adequate surveillance camera at your face.