SAP France: + 22% for 'on premise', + 38% on the Cloud

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SAP France is well and wants to let her know. "We made up 22% of our results in the field of" on premise "" welcomes Henri van der Vaeren, CEO, SAP France & Benelux, which states that "the analysts predicted a growth sector of the edition between 2 and 4% ". And product sales cloud, growth was 38%.

SAP France: + 22% for 'on premise', + 38% on the Cloud
SAP France justifies these trends by increasing adoption by customers of Hana database technology. "Hana weighs 25% of sales last year" ensures Henri van der Vaeren detailing "Hana is the oversimplification of database architectures. So we take a lower TCO of a database architecture 25 and 35%. "

Hana seems indeed attract more and more CIOs big. "Over 10 customers Cac 40 rose Hana" ensures Henri van der Vaeren, quoting the supplier Faurecia, Thales, Safran or. SAP ensures however increasingly signing contracts directly with the business departments of major groups, through consulting services based on design thinking and value engineering.

Hana, on new engine

But Hana would also be a driving force to win new contracts. "100% of our new customers are using the Hana" ensures Henri van der Vaeren. SAP claims for France a 13% gain new clients in 2014, and 180 new contracts signed. The direct customer base and indirect of the company in France would be around 1,000 customers. These new customers are named Euromaster or JA Delmas, distributor of Caterpillar construction equipment in 12 countries.

Finally, the migration of customers to the cloud brand products is a key concern. "We want to get to go to 100% cloud with customers keeping a stable operating result" adds Henri van der Vaeren. To support this strategy, SAP ensures that its partnership with IBM on accommodation convinces many companies.

Global annual results of the German publisher, presented earlier this week, announced that revenues from subscriptions to SaaS offerings and related media had increased from 696 million to 1.087 billion (+ 56%).

And SAP is convinced that this trend will increase in the coming years. In 2020, the cloud should represent between 70% and 75% of group revenues, sales of 26 to 28 billion by that date, against 21-22 billion in 2017. What boost annual profits which are expected to 6.3 to 7 billion euros in 2017 and between 8 and 9 billion euros in 2020.