Stefan Wiesner, Anton Studer, Andrin C. Willi: Avant-Garde Naturküche

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"Alchemist" it is called, a "tinkerer and artists" among Swiss chefs. In this illustrated book avant-garde chef Stefan Wiesner has gathered incredibly flavoursome. For 22 years, he leads the "Rössli" in the Swiss Entlebuch, was recognized for its avant-garde natural cuisine with 17 Gault Millau points and a Guide Michelin star. He reveals that he works with a perfumer, a forester, a chemist, an archaeologist, a wild plant gardener and a stone dealer. Cooking is a highly complex interaction of him. So he considers: Where and what äst a deer? Because: "habitats offer endless possibilities Can you taste from the stones that lie in Waldbächlein from which drink the deer, prepare a sauce.?" Then what is on the plate, although no longer looks so pretty after "eating" from. But very poetic. And inspiring. For example, this dainty dish "Buchenholzparfümiertes yolks, butter konfiert in Spring / potato Buchenblätter puree / sauce with book Charcoal distillate / Fried pennyroyal". By the way, the recipes are all to try at home!

Susanne Friedmann

Hardcover - 272 pages

AT Verlag; 1st edition (September 2011) - € 69.90

ISBN: 978-3038005322 Order now: AMAZON