The Android tablets largely supplant the Apple iPad

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Given the proliferation of Android tablet models and success among consumers of entry terminal 7 to 8 inches, the Apple iPad had to abandon its position as world number one.

In 2013, according to Gartner, it is indeed sold in the world almost twice as Android tablets as iPad respectively 120.9 and 70.4 million units . Android is now the first tablet platform with a market share of 61.9%, against 36% for iOS.

Samsung sold 37 million tablets in 2012 against 8

The iPad has lost 16 points in the space of a year, despite an increase in the number of tablets sold by Apple (9 million plus approximately). But at the same time, Android tablets surged. Sales were doubled compared to 2012 (53.3 million units).

The Android tablets largely supplant the Apple iPad

If iOS back, Apple remains the first manufacturer. However, the US needs more than ever to deal with very serious rivals: Samsung and Asus, and now also as Lenovo (+ 198%). Especially the Korean recorded very good results in this market.

In 2012, he sold only 8.5 million devices. Last year, Samsung has elapsed 37.4 million tablets, and climbing to 19.1% market share, against 7.4% a year earlier. An achievement that still eludes clear to Microsoft.

With Surface, the firm remains invisible in the rankings. And even with its partners, through its Windows system, Microsoft is still very far from the competition: 4 million tablets shipped in Windows 2013, only 2.1% of this market which grew by 68%.

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