The PlayStation 3 160 GB and 320 GB available this fall in Europe

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Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed the arrival this fall in Europe and the United States of PlayStation 3 with a storage capacity of 320 and 160 GB. They will replace the current models of 250 and 120 GB.

The 320 GB version will arrive on September 15 and will be sold bundled with a kit including the PlayStation Move controller, Eye camera and a sports game, all for $ 399, probably 349 euros. Recall that it was on September 15 that released the PlayStation Move whose only kit will be offered to 49.99 dollars - probably the same rate in euros.

As for the PS3 160 GB, it will be sold only from October to 299 euros. Sony is ahead by almost two months Microsoft has just announced the availability in Europe of its Kinect motion-sensing system for 10 November. (Eureka Press)