Tim Burton at MoMA

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No, this is not sighting on OMGICU. This November, MoMA will be showing what sounds like an incredible retrospective of the director's work.

The exhibit will follow Burton through his whole life, starting with rarely or never-before-seen drawings and amateur movies from his childhood and college days. Samples from his personal sketchbooks will be shown as well as drawings, paintings, storyboards, sculptures, puppets, flash animation, figurines and costumes he created while working on his movies. Early trials of graphic art for his films, as well as international movie posters, so will be on display.

Ie There will be two film series in Conjunction with the exhibit. All of Burton's 14 major films will be screened during the five month period the exhibit will be running, but they'll therefore be showing a number of the movies Burton has cited as inspiration like Jason and the Argonauts and the 1931 version of Frankenstein.

Whenever I watch a Burton movie, I always wish I knew what the hell what going on inside the guy's head, and I think this exhibit will be the Closest we'll ever come to truly finding out. Seeing over 700 pieces of original Burton's work all at once is going to be a trip Certainly.

The show starts November 22nd and runs through April 26th 2010. -Celeste

Photo courtesy of MoMA

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