YouTube: 6 billion hours of video watched each month

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The billion unique visitors viewed YouTube each month the equivalent of six billion hours of video, communicates Google in the blog of its streaming platform. Besides the excess and the validation of the increasing importance of Internet video is the result of the recent political giant.

YouTube: 6 billion hours of video watched each month
Because once the announced figure, YouTube immediately focuses on the platform and its partners. Major distributors, multinational audiovisual networks ... The establishment of channels and partnerships with industry content producers has obviously had a major impact on the platform.

Time Warner, Discovery Channel, Dreamworks, Bertelsmann ... provide content and audience to advertisers who stepped up, Google rating, citing T-Mobile, Pepsi and Samsung.

YouTube boasts a community in terms of monetization - after all, his audience "influences more than 500 billion in annual consumer spending of dollars" but that does not forget in a presentation clip. Surprising: These "videographers" which made the success of the platform, finally those who are least cited as key to success today: